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Autor: Gill G. Ringland
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Beyond Crisis

Achieving Renewal in a Turbulent World
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"If you want to know how countries, companies and individuals canmaster the winds and the waves that will dominate the next decade,this is the book for you."--Rupert Pennant-Rea, former editor of the Economist,Deputy Governor of the Bank of England

"'If leading your organisation sometimes feels like changing thefront wheel of a bicycle whilst toy are still pedalling it as fastas you can, this is a book you should read."
--Sir David Brown, former Chairman, Motorola UK

"Beyond Crisis is full of compelling reasons, clearadvice and practical models to help almost any enterprise remainviable beyond the deeply unsettling systemic failures thatcharacterise today's business environment."
--Professor Richard David Hames, Dhurakilpundit University,Founding Director Asian Foresight Institute

"We are in uncharted territory. There are few people who anylonger think that the world post-crisis will be anything like theworld before. Ringland, Sparrow & Lusting provide a cleardescription of the way that leaders need to think in this newreality. In doing so, they give us hope."
--Estelle Clark, Business Assurance Director, LloydsRegister

The next decade will present organisational challenges on anunprecedented scale.

Beyond Crisis shows how you can build a 'purposefullyself-renewing organisation' which will survive and succeed in themidst of this chaos. The book shows how financial and economiccrisis has blighted organisations in every sector, and then providea range of tools and future scenarios for diagnosing problems andcreating solutions.

This is a welcome dose of clarity in uncertain times.



Part I What Happened?

Chapter 1: A Short History of the Crisis.

The roots of the financial crisis.

The role of the financial sector.

Personal, corporate and government debt.

Executive Summary.

Chapter 2: The New Operating Environment.


Economic development and social interactions.

Communications, science and technology.

Resource and other systemic challenges.

Executive Summary.

Chapter 3: What Lies Ahead?

The short term.

The medium term.

Longer-term scenarios.

Executive Summary.

Part II What Organisations Can Do.

Chapter 4: Organisational Design.

Aligned to the previous environment.

Dealing with the next decades.

Successful organisations in very challenging environments.

Executive Summary.

Chapter 5: Renewal.

Measuring renewal.

Firms' self-perceived weaknesses.

Hurdles to innovation.

Foxes and Hedgehogs: their roles in renewal.

The double-cone: a framework for Foxes and Hedgehogs.

Executive Summary.

Chapter 6: The Importance of Purpose.

Clarity of purpose.

Senior management and the Board.



Setting a purpose.

Executive Summary.

Chapter 7: Five Qualities for Renewal.

The journey and destination.




Generating Options.


Executive Summary.

Chapter 8: The Structure of Renewal.

Organisational change.

The Three Ring Circus.

Linking the Three Ring Circus.

Executive Summary.

Chapter 9: Managing Renewal.

Getting going.

Evolution of a PS-RO.

Managing a PS-RO system.

What about the workers?

The diagnostic tool.

Executive Summary.

Part III A Toolkit for Purposeful Renewal.

Chapter 10: Values.

Core Values.

The origins of Values.

Aligning your Values with a PS-RO.

Unlocking extraordinary competence.

Measuring behaviours.


Executive Summary.

Chapter 11: Insight.

Scenarios as a source of Insight.

Relationship of Insight to the other PS-RO qualities.

Methods for developing Insight.

Horizon scanning.

Forecasting as part of Insight.

The scenario process.

Describing the organisation.

Audit of exposure to risks.

Practical aspects of gathering Insight.

Quantifying scenarios.

Insight and the Three Ring Circus.

Executive Summary.

Chapter 12: Generating Options.

The Options journey.


Changing the portfolio.

Executive Summary.

Chapter 13: Narrative.

What is a Narrative?

The individual Narrative.

The organisational Narrative.

Developing organisational Narrative.

Executive Summary.

Chapter 14: Machinery.


The formal planning system: the role of the Three RingCircus.

Five interlocking parts in the Machinery.

The '95'organisation.

The '99'organisation.


Executive Summary.

Conclusion: A Purposeful Self-Renewing Organisation.



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