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Symmetry and Structure

Readable Group Theory for Chemists
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Building on the foundation of the Second Edition, Symmetryand Structure: Readable Group Theory for Chemists, ThirdEdition turns the complex and potentially difficult subjectof group theory into an accessible and readable account of thiscore area of chemistry. By using a diagrammatical approach anddemonstrating the physical principles involved in understandinggroup theory, the text provides a non-mathematical, yet thorough,treatment of this broad topic. This new edition has been fullyrevised and updated to include a much more three-dimensional andaccurate visualization of many of the key topics. The chapter onoctahedral molecules is extended to cover the important topic ofthe ligand field theory of octahedral transition metal complexes.Problems and summaries are included at the end of each chapter, thebook provides detailed answers to frequently asked questions, andnumerous diagrams and tables are featured for ease of readingand to enhance student understanding.
Symmetry and Structure: Readable Group Theory forChemists, Third Edition is an essential textbook forall students, researchers and lecturers in chemistry, biochemistry,chemical engineering, physics and material science.
Preface to Third Edition.

1. Theories in Conflict.

2. The symmetry of the water molecule.

3. The electronic structure of the water molecule.

4. Vibrational spectra of the water molecule.

5. D2h character table and the electronic structureof ethene (ethylene) and diborane.

6. The electronic structure of bromine pentafluoride,BRF5.

7. The electronic structure of the ammonia molecule.

8. The electronic structure of some octahedral molecules.

9. Point groups and their relationships.

10. Tetrahedral, icosahedral and spherical symmetries.

11. Electron systems.

12. The group theory of electron spin.

13. Space groups.

14. Spectroscopic studies of crystals.

Appendix 1. Groups and classes: definitions and examples.

Appendix 2. Matrix algebra and group theory.

Appendix 3. Character tables of the more important pointgroups.

Appendix 4. The fluorine group orbitals of symmetry inSF6.

Appendix 5. The Hermann-Mauguin notation.

Appendix 6. Non-symmorphic relatives of the point groupD2.


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Autor: Sydney F. A. Kettle
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