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Voice and Audio Compression for Wireless Communications

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Voice communications remains the most important facet of mobileradio services, which may be delivered over conventional fixedlinks, the Internet or wireless channels. This all-encompassingvolume reports on the entire 50-year history of voice compression,on recent audio compression techniques and the protection as wellas transmission of these signals in hostile wireless propagationenvironments.
Audio and Voice Compression for Wireless and WirelineCommunications, Second Edition is divided into four partswith Part I covering the basics, while Part II outlines the designof analysis-by-synthesis coding, including a 100-page chapter onvirtually all existing standardised speech codecs. The focusof Part III is on wideband and audio coding as well astransmission. Finally, Part IV concludes the book with a range ofvery low rate encoding techniques, scanning a range ofresearch-oriented topics.
* Fully updated and revised second edition of "VoiceCompression and Communications", expanded to cover Audiofeatures
* Includes two new chapters, on narrowband and wideband AMRcoding, and MPEG audio coding
* Addresses the new developments in the field of wideband speechand audio compression
* Covers compression, error resilience and error correctioncoding, as well as transmission aspects, including cutting-edgeturbo transceivers
* Presents both the historic and current view of speechcompression and communications.

Covering fundamental concepts in a non-mathematical way beforemoving to detailed discussions of theoretical principles, futureconcepts and solutions to various specific wireless voicecommunication problems, this book will appeal to both advancedreaders and those with a background knowledge of signal processingand communications.
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Preface and Motivation.


I Speech Signals andWaveform Coding.

2 Predictive Coding.

3 Analysis-by-synthesis Principles.

4 Speech Spectral Quantization.

5 RPE Coding.

6 Forward-Adaptive CELP Coding.

7 Standard CELP Codecs.

8 Backward-Adaptive CELP Coding.

9 Wideband Speech Coding.

10 MPEG-4 Audio Compression and Transmission.

11 Overview of Low-rate Speech Coding.

12 Linear Predictive Vocoder.

13 Wavelets and Pitch Detection.

14 Zinc Function Excitation.

15 Mixed-Multiband Excitation.

16 Sinusoidal Transform Coding Below 4kbps.

17 Conclusions on Low Rate Coding.

18 Comparison of Speech Transceivers.

19 Voice Over the Internet Protocol.

A Constructing the Quadratic Spline Wavelets.

B Zinc Function Excitation.

C Probability Density Function for Amplitudes.



Author Index.

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Autor: Lajos L. Hanzo
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