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Gramicidin and Related Ion Channel-Forming Peptides

Novartis Foundation Symposium
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Gramicidin channels have been studied intensively for more than 25years. They serve as model transport systems for largeprotein ion channels, since it is difficult to gleanhigh-resolution structural information on the latter.
This book includes contributions from virtually all themajor scientists studying gramicidin channels and is the onlycompilation of work in this field. It discusses crystallographic,spectroscopic, electrophysiological and computational studies,especially in the light of the recent availability ofhigh-resolution structural data, and it compares these withinsights derived from larger systems. As well as drawing togethermuch new and exciting work in this field, it provides pointers topromising new research directions.
Introduction: Gramicidin, a Model Ion Channel (B. Wallace).

Correlations of Structure, Dynamics and Function in the GramicidinChannel by Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy (T. Cross, et al.).

X-ray Crystallographic Structures of Gramicidin and Their Relationto the Streptomyces lividans Potassium Channel Structure (B.Wallace).

Design and Characterization of Gramicidin Channels with Side Chainor Backbone Mutations (R. Koeppe, et al.).

Engineering Charge Selectivity in Alamethicin Channels (G. Woolley,et al.).

Lorentzian Noise in Single Gramicidin A Channel FormamidiniumCurrents (T. Fairbanks, et al.).

Can We Use Rate Constants and State Models to Describe IonTransport Through Gramicidin Channels? (S. Hladky).

The Binding Site of Sodium in the Gramicidin A Channel (B. Roux& T. Woolf).

The Mechanism of Channel Formation by Alamethicin as Viewed byMolecular Dynamics Simulations (M. Sansom, et al.).

Ionic Interactions in Multiply Occupied Channels (V. Dorman, etal.).

Peptide Influences on Lipids (J. Killian, et al.).

Peptide -
Lipid Interactions and Mechanisms of Antimicrobial Peptides (H.Huang).

Folding Patterns of Membrane Proteins: Diversity and theLimitations of Their Prediction (J. Rosenbusch).

Molecular Basis of the Charge Selectivity of NicotinicAcetylcholine Receptor and Related Ligand-Gated Ion Channels (P.-J.Corringer, et al.).

The Gramicidin-Based Biosensor: A Functioning Nano-Machine (B.Cornell, et al.).

Final General Discussion: Protons.

Summary: What We Have Learned About Gramicidin and Other IonChannels.


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Autor: Derek J. Chadwick
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