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Bacterial Responses to pH

Novartis Foundation Symposium
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Microbial responses to acidic and alkaline pH are important in manyareas of bacteriology. For example, the mechanisms of resistance toacidic pH are important in the understanding of the passage ofhuman pathogens through the acid of the stomach; and anunderstanding of microbial degradation of alkaline industrial wasteis important for the environment.
Bringing together contributions from an international andinterdisciplinary group of experts working on the many aspects ofbacterial cellular responses to pH, this stimulating volume drawstogether new and innovative work in this area. It delineates bothsimilarities and differences between mechanisms of tolerance andresponse, providing readers with an invaluable resource on thesubject.
Problems of Adverse pH and Bacterial Strategies to Combat it (M.Dilworth & A. Glenn).

The Regulation of Intracellular pH in Bacteria (I. Booth).

pH Sensing in Bacterial Chemotaxis (M. Levit & J. Stock).

Inducible Acid Tolerance Mechanisms in Enteric Bacteria (J. Foster& M. Moreno).

Acid and Base Regulation in the Proteome of Escherichia coli (J.Slonczewski & D. Blankenhorn).

Acid Tolerance Induced by Metabolites and Secreted Proteins, andHow Tolerance Can Be Counteracted (R. Rowbury).

Acid Tolerance in Root Nodule Bacteria (A. Glenn, et al.).

How Can Archaea Cope with Extreme Acidity? (G. Schäfer).

pH Homeostasis in Acidophiles (A. Matin).

pH Tolerance in Bacillus: Alkaliphiles versus non-Alkaliphiles (T.Krulwich, et al.).

The Molecular Mechanism of Regulation of the NhA Na +/H +Antiporter of Escherichia coli, a Key Transporter in the Adaptationto Na + and H + (E. Padan, et al.).

Bacterial Energetics at High pH: What Happens to the H + Cyclewhen the Extracellular H + Concentration Decreases? (V.Skulachev).

Proton ATPases in Bacteria: Comparison to Escherichia coli F_1F_0as the Prototype (R. Fillingame & S. Divall).

Cation Movements at Alkaline pH in Bacteria Growing withoutRespiration (H. Kobayashi, et al.). Final General Discussion:Maintenance Energy.

Global Sensors of pH.

Summary (R. Poole).


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