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Environmental Statistics

Novartis Foundation Symposium
Analysing Data for Environmental Policy
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Environmental statistics is a rapidly growing discipline that isimportant not only as a division of professional and academicstatistics, but also in the accumulation of data onenvironmental effects and in the formulation of environmentalpolicy by government agencies.
This book features contributions from policy makers, scientistsactively involved in collection of data, and professional, academicand government statisticians. These explore theinterfaces between the different areas of application ofenvironmental statistics and consider the future applicationsof methods arising from this discipline. Some of the chapters dealspecifically with environmental models and methods. Here, thecontributors explain specialized statistical techniques that havebeen developed for analysing environmental data and mathematicalmodels that have been applied to the problem of integratinglarge amounts of environmental data into a coherent picture ofparticular environmental systems. Several of the contributions dealspecifically with the problems involved in co-ordinating datacollection over large geographical areas and over many dimensionsof measurement. Finally, the book discusses the problems offormulating specific environmental policies given the nature of theinformation that has been made available using environmentalstatistical methods.
Chairman's Introduction (V. Barnett).

In Search of Spatial Extremes (A. Stein, et al.).

Operational Evaluation of Air Quality Models (P. Sampson & P.Guttorp).

Assessing the Human Health Risk of Atmospheric Particles (R. Smith,et al.).

Ozone Dose Mapping and the Utility of Models (C. Anderson & R.Smith).

Measuring and Modelling Pollution for Risk Analysis (J. Zidek &N. Lee).

A Preliminary Statistical Examination of the Effects of Uncertaintyand Variability on Environmental Regulatory Criteria for Ozone (L.Cox, et al.).

Statistics and Environmental Policy: Case Studies from Long-TermEnvironmental Monitoring Data (R. Goudey & G. Laslett).

Better Late than Never? Injecting Statistical Know-how intoLegislation on Water Quality (A. Warn).

Indicator Quality for Multidisciplinary Systems (J. Riley).

Integrating Data for Sustainable Development: Introducing theDistribution of Resources Framework (J. Heycox).

Does Environmental Data Collection Need Statistics? (M.Pulles).

Air Pollution Statistics in Policy Applications (R. Smith).

Agriculture Sector Resource and Environmental Policy Analysis: AnEconomic and Biophysical Approach (R. House, et al.).

Final Discussion.


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