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Autor: Brian R. Eggins
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Chemical Sensors and Biosensors

Analytical Techniques in the Sciences
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Covering the huge developments in sensor technology and electronicsensing devices that have occurred in the last 10 years, this bookuses an open learning format to encourage reader understanding ofthe subject.* An invaluable distance learning book
* Applications orientated providing invaluable aid for anyonewishing to use chemical and biosensors

Key features and subjects covered include the following:
* Sensors based on both electrochemical and photometrictransducers
* Mass-sensitive sensors
* Thermal-sensitive sensors
* Performance factors for sensors
* Examples of applications
* Detailed case studies of five selected sensors
* 30 discussion questions with worked examples and 80self-assessment questions
* 140 explanatory diagrams
* An extensive bibliography
Series Preface

Author's Preface

Acronyms, Abbreviation and Symbols

About the Author


Introduction to sensors

Sensors and biosensors - definitions

Aspects of sensors

Transduction Elements

Electrochemical transducers - introduction

Potentiometry and ion selective electrodes: the Nernstequation

Voltammetry and amperometry


Field effect transistors

Modified electrodes, thin film electrodes, microelectrodes andscreen printed electrodes

Photometric sensors

Sensing Elements


Ionic recognition

Molecular recognition - chemical recognition agents

Molecular recognition - spectroscopic recognition

Molecular recognition - biological recognition agents

Immobilisation of biological component

Performance Factors




Time factors

Precision, accuracy and repeatability

Different biomaterials

Different transducers

Some factors affecting the performance of sensors

Electrochemical Sensors and Biosensors

Potentiometric sensors - ion selective electrodes

Potentiometric biosensors

Amperometric sensors

Conductometric sensors and biosensors

Applications of FET sensors

Photometric Applications

Techniques for optical sensors

Visible absorption spectroscopy

Fluorescent reagents

Indirect methods using competitive binding

Reflection methods

Light scattering techniques

Mass Sensitive and Thermal Sensors

The piezo-electric effect

Surface acoustic waves

Thermal sensors

Some Specific Applications

Determination of glucose in blood - amperometric biosensor

Determination of ng levels of copper (I) in water using anodicstripping voltammetry using an electrode modified with a complexingagent

Determination of several ions simultaneously - "the laboratory on achip"

Determination of ato-mole levels of trinitrotoluene (TNT) -antibody with a luminescent transducer

Determination of flavanols in beers

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Autor: Brian R. Eggins
ISBN-13 :: 9780470511312
ISBN: 0470511311
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Seiten: 298
Sprache: Englisch
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