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Autor: Juha Lehikoinen
ISBN-13: 9780470511015
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Personal Content Experience

Managing Digital Life in the Mobile Age
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"The new era of powerful, mobile computing and sensing deviceshaving ever larger memories and personal databases brings to lighta number of difficult problems in software, interface design,search, organization of information, and methods for inferringcontext and for sharing personal content... The authors havedone an admirable job at describing the problems and opportunitiesand, as such, this book should be on the shelves of researchersstruggling to make these mobile devices truly valuable to the everexpanding number of their users."--David G. Stork, Chief Scientist, Ricoh Innovations

Personal Content Experience is a comprehensiveintroduction to mobile personal content. The book introduces andexplores issues such as context capture, user interfaces forcontinuous mobile use, UI design for mobile media applications,metadata magic, virtual communities, and ontologies. Userinteractions and behavioural patterns with personal content arealso covered, resulting in a 'GEMS' lifecycle model foranalysing media devices, services, applications, and userinterfaces. In addition, the book describes an extensible softwarearchitecture targeted at content management in mobile devices,pointing out the essential topics that will benefit anyonedeveloping mobile content-intensive applications and services.

Personal Content Experience:
* Establishes a foundation for analyzing applications, servicesand user interfaces targeted at personal content.
* Provides a strong industrial insight, combining hands-onexamples, application concepts and software architecturedescriptions with theoretical frameworks and models.
* Offers a multi-disciplinary approach, considering both userperspective and technology aspects.

This book is a clear and practical guide to the field ofpersonal content and will be invaluable to practitioners in mobileindustry and digital content management, media-intensiveapplication developers, content creators and distributors, academicresearchers, and lecturers in computer science and multimedia.

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Autor: Juha Lehikoinen
ISBN-13 :: 9780470511015
ISBN: 047051101X
Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 382
Sprache: Englisch
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