Microsoft PowerShell, VBScript and JScript Bible

Microsoft PowerShell, VBScript and JScript Bible
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William R. Stanek
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Packed with more than 300 sample scripts and an extensive collection of library functions, this essential scripting book is the most thorough guide to Windows scripting and PowerShell on the market. You'll examine how Windows scripting is changing the face of system and network administration by giving everyday users, developers, and administrators the ability to automate repetitive tasks. Plus, this is the first time that VBScript, Jscript, and Powershell are all covered in a single resource.
Part I: Getting Started with Windows Scripting.
1. Introducing Windows Scripting.

2. VBScript Essentials.

3. JScript Essentials.

4. PowerShell Essentials.

Part II: Windows VBScript and Jscript.

5. Creating Scripts and Scripting Files.

6. VBScript and JScript Scripting Basics.

7. Input, Output and Error Handling with VBScript andJscript.

8. Working with Files and Folders in VBScript and Jscript.

9. Reading and Writing Files with VBScript and Jscript.

10. Managing Drives and Printers with VBScript and Jscript.

11. Configuring Menus, Shortcuts and Startup Applications withVBScript and Jscript.

12. Working with the Windows Registry and Event Logs in VBScriptand Jscript.

Part III: Network and Directory Service Scripting.

13. Scheduling One-time and Recurring Tasks.

14. Using Startup/Shutdown and Logon/Logoff Scripts.

15. Introducing Active Directory Services.

16. Using Schema to Master ADSI.

17. Managing Local and Domain Resources with ADSI.

18. Service and Resource Administration with ADSI.

19. Maintaining Shared Directories, Printer Queues and PrintJobs.

20. Managing Active Directory Domain Extensions.

Part IV: Windows PowerShell.

21. Input, Output and Error Handling in PowerShell.

22. Working with Files and the Registry in PowerShell.

23. Event Logging and Process Monitoring with PowerShell.

24. Working with ADSI and PowerShell.

25. Working with WMI and PowerShell.

Part V: Windows Scripting Libraries.

26. Library: File System Utilities.

27. Library: File Administration Utilities.

28. Library: Network and System Utilities.

29. Library: Account Management Utilities.

30. Library: PowerShell Utilities.

Part VI: Appendixes.

A. Windows Scripting API.

B. Core ADSI Reference.

C. Essential Command line Utilities for Use With WSH.

D. PowerShell Reference.

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