Economic Complexity: Non-Linear Dynamics, Multi-Agents Economies and Learning
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Economic Complexity: Non-Linear Dynamics, Multi-Agents Economies and Learning

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William A. Barnett
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231x159x26 mm
14, International Symposia in Econ

The book presents an overview of advanced contributions to complexity in economics and social system, such as chaotic dynamics and multiple equilibria, agent-based models, applications of genetic algorithms, non-equilibrium macro-dynamics, information transmission, learning mechanisms.
1. Complex dynamics in non-linear aggregated models. Paper 1: A simple growth-cycle model displaying "Sil'nikov chaos" (L. Piscitelli, M. Sportelli). Paper 2: Real-financial interaction: A reconsideration of the blanchard model with a state-of-market dependent reaction function (C. Chiarella, P. Flaschel, W. Semmler). Paper 3: Complex remanence vs. simple persistence: Are hysteresis and unit root processes observationally equivalent? (B. Amable, et al .). Paper 4: History dependence, multiple equilibria and global dynamics in efficient intertemporal optimization models (C. Deissenberg et al. ). 2. Multi-agent economies. Paper 5: On information-contagious behavior (N.J. Vriend). Paper 6: The origins of the deadline: Optimizing communication in organizations (C.H. Papadimitriou, E. Servant-Schreiber). Paper 7: Organization of innovation in a multi-unit firm: Coordinating adaptive search on multiple rugged landscapes (M.-H. Chang, J.E. Harrington, Jr.). Paper 8: Patterns of consumption in a discrete choice model with asymmetric interactions (G. Iori, V. Koulovassipoulos). Paper 9: Interaction in aggregate demand for investment and regime switching (A. Palestrini, D.D. Gatti, M. Gallegati). Paper 10: Speculative bubbles and fat tail phenomena in a heterogeneous-agent model (T. Kaizoji). Paper 11: The dynamics of the linear random farmer model (R. Carvalho). 3. Tatonnement, forecasting and learning. Paper 12: Chaotic price instability implies consumer's benefit (A. Matsumoto). Paper 13: A dynamic non-tatonnement macroeconomic model with stochastic rationing (F. Bignami, L. Colombo, G. Weinrich). Paper 14: Expectational leads in economic dynamical systems (V. Boehm, J. Wenzelburger). Paper 15: Dynamics of beliefs and learning under a - processes - The homogeneous case (C. Chiarella, X.-Z. He). Paper 16: Genetic learning of Nash equilibria illicit drug markets and prerequisites for a successful crackdown (D. Behrens, H. Dawid).

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