How to Research

How to Research
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Loraine Blaxter
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UK Higher Education OUP Humanities & Social Sciences Study Skills

Reader in Sociology at the University of Warwick
Professor in the Department of Educational Research at Lancaster University
"I found this book brilliant, I had never undertaken anything like a dissertation before and this book had everything in it that I needed to know. It is written in 'simple English' which is a bonus as some books are just too hard to understand. Everything you need to know about writing your dissertation is in here. I would recommend this book to all levels."
Review of the third edition from
How to Research is a bestselling, practical book that reassures the first time researcher by leading them systematically through the whole research process; from the initial meetings with a supervisor to critically evaluating their ideas, doing the research and finally writing up the project.
The book includes vignettes to help readers relate to research examples and provides both methodological and process information.
New features in this edition include:

Additional coverage on literature reviews
New material on changes in research ethics
More detailed information on the use of diaries, internet ethnographies and visual methods
Increased coverage of mixed methodologies How to Research 4e is an ideal resource for the first-time researcher doing a small-scale research project in the social sciences whether they are at university or in the workplace. It supports its readers as they develop their skills to become more experienced researchers.
How to Research is a clear and accessible guide to the business of doing a research project. It systematically takes the reader through from the planning to the writing up and finishing off.
All at Sea but Learning to Swim
Getting Started
Thinking About Methods
Reading for Research
Managing Your Project
Preparing to Collect Data
Collecting Data
Preparing to Analyse Data
Analysing Your Data
Writing Up
Finishing Off

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