Ethical Dimensions in the Health Professions

Ethical Dimensions in the Health Professions

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Regina F. Doherty
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Build the skills you need to understand and resolve ethical problems! Ethical Dimensions in the Health Professions, 7th Edition provides a solid foundation in ethical theory and concepts, applying these principles to the ethical issues surrounding health care today. It uses a unique, six-step decision-making process as a framework for thinking critically and thoughtfully, with case studies of patients to illustrate ethical topics such as conflict of interest, patient confidentiality, and upholding best practices. Written by Regina F. Doherty, an educator and occupational therapist, this book will help you make caring and effective ethical choices that improve patient care and outcomes.
Section 1: Introduction to Ethical Dimensions in the Health Professions1. Morality and Ethics: What They Are and Why They Matter2. The Ethical Goal of Professional Practice: A Caring Response 3. Prototypes of Ethical Problems4. Ethics Theories and Approaches: Conceptual Tools for Ethical Reasoning5. The Six-Step Process of Ethical Decision Making Section 2: Ethical Dimensions of Professional Roles6. Ethical Life as a Health Professional: Integrity, Resilience and Courage7. Shared Moral Community: Ethical Decision Making in Interprofessional Teams8. Living Ethically Within Healthcare OrganizationsSection 3: Ethical Dimensions of the Professional-Patient Relationship9. Honoring Confidentiality10. Communication and Shared Decision Making11. Informed Consent in Care Delivery, Research, and Health Information ManagementSection 4: Ethical Dimensions of Chronic and End-of-Life Care12. Ethical Issues in Chronic Care and Disability13. Ethical Issues in End-of-Life CareSection 5: Ethical Dimensions of the Social Context of Healthcare14. Distributive Justice: Rights, Resource Allocation, and Policy Considerations15. Compensatory and Social Justice: Societal Sources of Claims for Healthcare16. Professionals as Good Citizens: Responsibility and Opportunity

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