How to sell through networking and referrals
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Andy Lopata
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Financial Times Series

Labelled 'Mr Network' by The Sun, Andy Lopata was last year named one of Europe's leading business networking strategists by the Financial Times. Andy is a featured columnist in the US magazine The National Networker and writes for several business magazines in the UK. For eight years, Andy was Managing Director of UK network Business Referral Exchange. He has since worked with a range of companies such as Sage, Merrill Lynch, Retail Trust, Currencies Direct and Mastercard to help them realise the full sales potential from their networking.
Referrals and recommendations are the most effective drivers of new business. This book will show you how to make your business thrive by generating referrals and sales from your own networks cheaply, effectively and quickly.
Acknowledgements Preface Introduction Part One - Why you need to get recommended Chapter One What is a referral? Chapter Two The role of networking Chapter Three - Current approaches don't work Chapter Four You can't just throw mud at a wall Part Two The foundation of the ultimate referrals strategy Chapter Five The role of trust in a referrals strategy Chapter Six Do people understand how to refer you? Chapter Seven Who has the best opportunity to refer you? Part Three How your network can help you generate referrals Chapter Eight- The six degrees of separation and how they influence your referrals strategy Chapter Nine Where will your referrals come from? Chapter Ten Referrals within an organisation Chapter Eleven How to select the right networks for you Part Four How to get your network to refer you Chapter Twelve Inspiring people to refer you Chapter Thirteen When to ask for referrals Chapter Fourteen Referring others with confidence Part Five Tools you can use Chapter Fifteen LinkedIn as a referral tool Chapter Sixteen The Referral Book Chapter Seventeen - Results you can rely on In a nutshell: Ten steps to an effective referrals strategy Further resources Index

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