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Betrothment and Marriage

A Canonical and Theological Treatise; With Notices on History and Civil Law
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Canon de Smet
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This English translation of the treatise, De Sponsalibus et Matrimonio, is the second version of that work which the author has offered to the public. A French translation, from the second Latin edition, made its appearance a few months ago, and in his preface the translator claimed for it that it was more than a mere translation, that many points had, in fact, been the object of fresh study and of conscientious revision on the part of the author, so that the volume, then issued, gave to its readers the equivalent of a third edition of the original work.The like may be said, and with even greater reason, of the present translation. Made directly from the French, its preparation has been followed throughout by the author with ceaseless care, and he has spared no pains to provide a work that should leave nothing to be desired in the way of doctrine or of erudition.In taking upon himself this task, the author was actuated, on the one hand, by a desire to meet the wishes of many brother-priests and aspirants to the priesthood among the English-speaking clergy; and, on the other hand, by the hope of rendering a service to the educated laity, by placing in their hands a work which would enable them to obtain first-hand information on this important subject.Not to speak of additions and corrections, the entire translation has been supervised with the greatest care.