Taking Stock
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Taking Stock

Cultures of Enumeration in Contemporary Jewish Life
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Michal Kravel-Tovi
The Modern Jewish Experience
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Taking Stock is a collection of lively, original essays that explore the cultures of enumeration that permeate contemporary and modern Jewish life. Speaking to the profound cultural investment in quantified forms of knowledge and representation—whether discussing the Holocaust or counting the numbers of Israeli and American Jews—these essays reveal a social life of Jewish numbers. As they trace the uses of numerical frameworks, they portray how Jews define, negotiate, and enact matters of Jewish collectivity. The contributors offer productive perspectives into ubiquitous yet often overlooked aspects of the modern Jewish experience.

Introduction: Counting in Jewish Michal Kravel-Tovi
Part I. Counting the Dead: Iconic Numbers and Collective Memory
1. Six Million: The Numerical Icon of the Holocaust Oren Baruch Stier
2. Breathing Life into Iconic Numbers: Yad Vashem’s "Shoah Victims’ Names Recovery Project" and the Constitution of a Posthumous Census of Six Million Holocaust Dead Carol A. Kidron
3. Putting Numbers into Space: Place Names, Collective Remembrance, and Forgetting in Israeli Culture Yael Zerubavel
Part II. Counting the Living: Putting "the Jewish" in Social Science
4. "Jewish Crime" by the Numbers, or Putting the "Social" in Jewish Social Science Mitchell B. Hart
5. Counting People: The Co-Production of Ethnicity and Jewish Majority in Israel-Palestine Anat Leibler
6. Wet Numbers: The Language of Continuity Crisis and the Work of Care among the Organized American Jewish Community Michal Kravel-Tovi
Part III. Counting Objects: Material Subjects and the Social Lives of Enumerated Things
7. "Let’s Start with the Big Ones:" Numbers, Thin Description and the ‘Magic’ of Yiddish at the Yiddish Book Center Josh Friedman
8. 130 Kilograms of Matza, 3,000 Hard-boiled Eggs, 100 Kilograms of Haroset and 2,000 Balls of Gefilte Fish: Hyperbolic Reckoning on Passover Vanessa L. Ochs
Postscript: Balancing Accounts: Commemoration and Commensuration Theodore M. Porter

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