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Ethics, the Environment, and the Economy
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Peter Y. Paik
21st Century Studies
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From personal finance and consumer spending to ballooning national expenditures on warfare and social welfare, debt is fundamental to the dynamics of global capitalism. The contributors to this volume explore the concept of indebtedness in its various senses and from a wide range of perspectives. They observe that many views of ethics, citizenship, and governance are based on a conception of debts owed by one individual to others; that artistic and literary creativity involves the artist's dialogue with the works of the past; and that the specter of catastrophic climate change has underscored the debt those living in the present owe to future generations.

Introduction Peter Y. Paik
1. Debt Richard D. Wolff
2. "I Consider It Un-American Not to Have a Mortgage": Immigrant Homeownership in Chicago Elaine Lewinnek
3. Demonizing Debt, Naturalizing Finance Mary Poovey
4. On Debt Michael Allen Gillespie
5. The Growth Imperative: Prosperity or Poverty Joel Magnuson
6. Democracy's Debt: Capitalism and Cultural Revolution Stephen L. Gardner
7. Is Debt the New Karma? Why America Finally Fell Apart Morris Berman
8. Measures of Time: Exploring Debt, Imagination, and Real Nature Julianne Lutz Warren
9. The Time of Living Dead Species: Extinction Debt and Futurity in Madagascar Genese Marie Sodikoff
10. Unintended Consequences and the Epistemology of Fraud in Dickens and Hayek Eleanor Courtemanche
11. The Resurrection of an Economic God: Keynes Becomes Postmodern Michael Tratner
12. China and the United States: The Bonds of Debt Donald D. Hester
13. Debt's Moral Kennan Ferguson
14. Debt, Theft, Permaculture: Justice and Ecological Scale Gerry Canavan

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