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Public Speaking Principles and Practice

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James Albert Winans
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Much that might have been kept for the Preface, and thereby safely hidden from students, has been set down in the Introduction and in other parts of this book. There remains only what I wish to say to my own tribe the teachers of public speaking. The scope of the book is indicated by its title; or would be were it not for the fact that the term public speaking is now being stretched to cover all oral expression. At any rate, I treat here of practical public speaking, and consider within the scope of this book whatever pertains to preparing and delivering one 's own speech. What ever in this text pertains to interpretation is introduced chie?y for its bearing upon the training of practical pub lic speakers; and I have taken a broad view of what does bear upon such training. The field is too large for complete treatment in one volume of. Convenient size. My endeavor has been to make a book which should form the foundation for prac tically all the work in this field; but with it should be used a book on argumentation, one or more books of speeches, and also, for the sake of gaining various points of View, other texts of the same general scope as this. The main work of the student of public speaking, of course, should be speech-making; and a great deal of his instruction must be received as individual criticism.

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