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A Brief Discourse on Hand-Weapons Other Than Fire-Arms
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Bertram Edward Sargeaunt
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Having contributed two articles to the cavalry journal, one on the Development of the Sword,' and the other on the Progress of the Lance,' it occurred to me that a small work, such as the one which I have the honour to lay before the reader, might be of seme interest and assistance to those desirous of acquiring some information concerning the weapons which have been employed in general warfare from time to time. I do not pretend to introduce the reader to an exhaustive and detailed history, but I attempt rather, in as concise a form as possible, to enumerate and describe all the principal weapons of war in such a way as to make the work of service to the wholly uninitiated. To further this object I have introduced plates of illustrations, accompanied by a description of each weapon contained in them. The subject of fire-arms has not been brought within the scope of this work; it comprises a branch to be studied by itself; and I have, therefore, ignored these weapons entirely. Nor have I dealt with the various engines of war which have been contrived in so many forms from time to time. My book deals solely with hand-weapons without fire. It must be borne in mind that the jealousy of mankind has, from the very first, demanded the employment of weapons. In prehistoric times they were naturally rude, being made of such materials as the earth produced, without much fashioning at the hands of the warriors who carried them. The weapons at first were all offensive, and defensive arms were only introduced with the advance of civilisation and education.

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