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High School Manual Training Course in Woodwork

Including Cost of Equipment and Supplies and Studies on Trees and Wood
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Samuel Edward Ritchey
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Two styles of double benches are shown (fig. Thirty-six benches of the first style have been in use for several years at the R. T. Crane School — the English High and Manual — and have given perfect satisfaction. The cost was each, including two Tole's Vises. The tops are glued up of alternate strips of hard maple and cherry, or hard maple and walnut, and each is supplied with a Tole's vise and a tail-screw vise on each side. The cupboard door swings on L shaped pivots, in the center, at the ends, and when open displays the gen eral tools conveniently in sight, and still back in the cupboard far enough to prevent striking the knees. Three deep, slender pockets, to the right of the door, hold the three saws. There is room back of the door for two plane stocks, the bench brush, and the bench hook. The three drawers are roomy and deep, as deep as the width of the base of the bench. In the second style of bench a sliding door covers the cupboard for the general tools. This style of bench has somewhat more drawer room, since the loss in depth, taken off for the cupboard, is more than made up by gain in width. Three deep pockets, between the drawers and cup boards — as in the other bench — serve to hold the saws.

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