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Genealogical Sketch of the First Three Generations of Prebles in America

With an Account of Abraham Preble the Emigrant, Their Common Ancestor, and of His Grandson Brigadier General Jedediah Preble, and His Descendants
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George Henry Preble
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It has been my amusement, in leisure hours, during the last twenty years, to gather, from public and private sources, the material from which this volume has been selected.The printing of this Family History was begun, and has been continued and concluded, under such peculiar circumstances, that I hope they will be considered an excuse for some of its imperfections.The first dozen pages, relating to the common American ancestor of the family, and the memoir of his grand-son, Brigadier General Jedidiah Preble, were prepared for the July and October numbers of the New-England Historical and Genealogical Register, for 1868, without thought of their separate publication. After the first paper was in type, it occurred to me to have a few copies struck off separate from the Magazine, and then for the first time to connect it by a genealogical sketch of the intervening descendants, with the memoirs of my grandfather Brigadier Preble, to add some account of the latters descendants, and print a few copies of the whole in a pamphlet of fifty or sixty pages, for private and family circulation. Such was the humble origin of this octavo.Just as that design was being perfected in manuscript, and before the second article on the Brigadier was in type, I was suddenly called to duty in the North Pacific Squadron.

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