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Food Frauds

Simple Methods of Detecting Adulterations in What We Consume
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Thomas Oliver Thompson
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Our Object in publishing this work is two-fold. First, to benefit mankind, and, second, to make money. Allowing five persons to each family, there are families in the United States, according to the last census; and if the head of each buys a copy of this work, our object will most assuredly have been fully accomplished. It would be difficult, to compute in how many of these domestic circles there are sufferings arising from the con sumption of adulterated food, but if the number were known, the figures would be startling. Dyspepsia, and other dis orders of the stomach may be found in almost every family, and people are being gradually poisoned by adulterations of a very dangerous character. The worse feature of the case Is that people have only a very slight idea of the extent to which their health is being impaired by food frauds. Bodily disorders are almost invariably attributed to other than the right causes. If the truth were known, the derangements are due and traceable to the poisonous stuffs that are mixed with the food we eat' and the liquids we consume. Pure articles are produced, but they are like two grams of wheat in a bushel of chaff — few and limited in comparison with the multitudinous trash thrown upon the market.

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