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The Epistle of St. Jude and the Second Epistle of St. Peter

Greek Text With Introduction Notes and Comments
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Joseph B. Mayor
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One who undertakes to edit a book which has been the object of such minute and continuous study, as any portion of the New Testament has been, cannot but feel how insignificant is the contri bution which he can himself hope to make to its interpretation, as com pared with the accumulated work of preceding generations. His first acknowledgments therefore are due to the labours of his predecessors in the same field, from such patristic helps as the Adumbrationes of Clement and the compilations of the Catenae, down to the latest commen taries and aids of whatever kind, grammatical, historical, or theological, to which reference will be found'in the pages which follow. I have more over to return my grateful thanks for private help given by Dr. Gow, Dr. Gwynn, the Rev. G. Earner, Dr. F. G. Kenyon, Professors F. Fuller and G. D. Liveing, and Mr. Herbert Richards above all to Dr. Chase and to Dr. E. A. Abbott. The former had kindly undertaken to look over my proof-sheets, but was unable to go beyond the earlier sheets in consequence of his removal from the comparative leisure of the professorship to the exacting duties of the episcopate. I, have also found, in his articles on Peter and Jude in Hastings Dictionary of the Bible, by far the best intro duction known to me on the two epistles here dealt with. To my old friend Dr. E. A. Abbott I am even more indebted: he has carefully read through the larger portion of my sheets and helped me with many suggestions, which I have found all the more useful because we have not always succeeded in arriving at the same conclusions.

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