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The Public Ministry and Pastoral Methods of Our Lord

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William Garden Blaikie
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The present volume bears on a department of the life of our Lord to which, amid all that has been written lately, very little attention has been given I trust therefore it will be found to supply a want, and will prove useful not only to ministers of the Gospel, but to all who take part in Christian service. A considerable portion of the volume has formed part of the author's lectures on Homiletical and Pastoral Theology, delivered to the students of the New College, Edinburgh. Coming in as that subject does at the very close of a four years' theological course, my aim there is not so much to impart knowledge, as to communicate to the students a tone and practical impulse. For this purpose one of the best means is the study of the Public Ministry and Pastoral Methods of our Lord. I have found the subject grow in my hands from year to year, till it has come to be out of proportion to the other parts of the course; and though the present volume has a measure of completeness, I know well that there are many other parts of the life of Christ that may yield similar lessons. This volume is in some sense a sequel to my book, For the Work of the Ministry: a Manual of Homiletical and Pastoral Theology. 'on another side it has a connection with my Glimpses of the Inner Life of our Lord. May the three prove a threefold cord, each adding to the effect of the other two, and all contributing, under the Divine blessing, to build up the kingdom of God.