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Commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews

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Moses Stuart
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Minds of a different order, however, will doubtless wish to examine for themselves; to prove all things, and then to hold fast that which is good, if indeed they may be able to distinguish what is of this character. It is for such that the following investigations are intended and it is only to persons of this class, that they can be particularly use ful, even supposing that they are conducted in such a manner as the subject demands. The writer commenced them in the discharge of his duty, as a lecturer upon the epistle in question. He found many unforeseen and unexpected obstacles in his path. He had been accus tomed, with those around him, to regard Paul as the author of the epistle to the Hebrews; and he did not well know, until he came to examine, how long, and how extensively, this had been doubted. Men of high reputation in the church, and who admitted the canonical authority of the epistle, he found to have been doubtful in regard to the question, Who was the author of it Neither Luther nor Calvin admitted it to be from the hand of Paul and so early, at least, as the latter part of the second century, more or less of the Western churches seem to have disputed or rejected its authority. With such facts before him, he became deeply interested in the sub jcet, and resolved, if possible, to satisfy his own mind. For this pur pose, he directed his attention principally toward the original sources of evidence, although he has not neglected any writer of importance among modern critics. The results of his investigation he now gives to the public, in hope that if they do not serve to satisfy the minds of others, they will, at least, excite some to engage in the discussion of the topics presented, until, sooner or later, light enough is poured in, to scatter the remaining darkness which rests upon them.