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The Book of Adam and Eve, Also Called the Conflict of Adam and Eve With Satan

A Book of the Early Eastern Church, Translated From the Ethiopic, With Notes From the Kufale, Talmud, Midrashim, and Other Eastern Works
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S. C. Malan
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The Book of Adam and Eve also called the Battle of Adam and Eve with Satan: A Book of the Early Eastern Church, translated from the Ethiopic, with notes from the Kufale, Talmud and other eastern works is an extra-canonical Christian work. The original work was translated from the Ge’ez language and this edition is the original translation performed into English by S. C. Malan. The story begins after Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden. It speaks movingly of their sense of less and sorrow at the transition and the difficulty of adjusting to the world outside. It diverges significantly from the orthodox biblical account in that it gives responsibility for the dispute between Cain and Abel to jealousy over their sister. In the narrative there are also changes to which figures invent weapons of war, begin particular civilisations and drive forward the progress of man. There is also an extensive speculative genealogical section with links from Adam all the way to the hypothesised genealogy of Jesus. S.C. Malan went through a series of curacies at various parishes and maintained a lifelong theological interest, however he was particularly noted for his linguistic prowess and the reader benefits from his encyclopaedic knowledge in the form of this impressive work. Rarely has anyone accused the old testament of being dull, but this text is more filled with resurrections, beating of breasts and raw emotion as part of the familiar religious narrative. The deceptions attempted by Satan with Adam and Eve over their lives outside the garden are made more personal and somehow more shocking.