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Autor: Milton Hadley
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True Stories of Our Famous Men and Women

Containing the Lives of Almost Fifty of Our Nation's Heroes and Heroines
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They stand out in history as patterns worthy the imitation of all genera tions of their countrymen. It is the high aim of this volume to portray the noble traits and the noble deeds of the men and women of our country whose names have become household words. It is not merely a grand work for boys and girls, but for all classes of readers. The great Generals, Orators, States men, Explorers, Inventors and Pioneers of our country are depicted in a masterly manner. The reader is delighted with the glowing tales of patriotism and the superb valor and daring exploits of heroes like Washington, Putnam, Lee, Grant, Stonewall Jackson, Dewey, Roose velt, Lawton and many others. Here, too, are thrilling accounts of Polar Voyages, Explorations be yond the Mississippi; brave deeds of our Army and Navy; brilliant examples of poor boys and girls who have risen to fame, showing how the young, by labor and perseverance, can achieve success. There are examples of men who have amassed fortunes, like Girard by his ships and real estate investments; Elias Howe by his invention of the sewing machine Edison by his discoveries in electricity; James Gordon Bennett by founding a great newspaper. The men and women who have achieved distinction in all the various walks of life are here made illustrious, their names being written on the immortal scroll of history.

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Autor: Milton Hadley
ISBN-13 :: 9780243737352
ISBN: 0243737351
Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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