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Autor: Eldreth G. Allen
ISBN-13: 9780243736645
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Manual Training for Common Schools

An Organized Course in Wood-Working
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IN preparing this book on Manual Training the author has at tempted _to be thorough rather than complete. No attempt has been made to add anything new to the subject-matter, but Only to arrange well — known facts so that they will offer as systematic and complete a course of study as is offered in any of the older organized courses. The arrangement of the text as herein presented is the direct result of five years' teaching the subject of wood-working to, beginning classes. This class work was preceded by a number of years of shop work as a journeyman machinist and a factory foreman, as well as by a four years' college course in science and engineering. Help in preparing the text has been gleaned from so many fields that it would be impossible to make direct mention of all who have given valuable assistance. The author wishes, however, to acknowledge the aid given by Mr. Charles E. Emmerich, principal of the Indianapolis Manual Training High School, and Mr. Paul W. Covert, head of the manual training department, who have allowed such freedom in the conduct of classes that it has been possible to make all parts of the work measure up to a class-room test. Acknowledgment is due Mr. Otto Stark, head of the art depart ment of the Indianapolis Manual Training High School, for his earnest and careful criticism of the models, drawings, and photographs. This criticism has added much to the value of the text. The final drawings from which the cuts were executed were made by Mr. Edward Stark, of Indianapolis.

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Autor: Eldreth G. Allen
ISBN-13 :: 9780243736645
ISBN: 0243736649
Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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