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Studies in Ephesians

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Alonzo Rice Cocke
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The desire expressed by Mrs W. C Buchanan of Nayoga, Japan, to possess the study entitled, "The Whole Armor of God," first suggested the publication of this little volume. The wishes of one who has so beautifully given her accomplished life to the Master, were not to be disregarded. Others of my congregation also have indicated that they would be pleased to possess these discourses in a permanent form.Distrust of my ability to edify the public would have prevented this venture but for the kindness of Prof. J. A Quarles, D. D., of Washington and Lee University, in carefully examining the manuscript and pronouncing a very favorable judgment upon it.Rev. William Dinwiddie, D. D., and Rev. Peyton H. Hoge, D. D., also examined the manuscript and made valuable suggestions. Approval from such eminent authorities induced the author to believe that these studies might be of service to God's people.These discourses are the work of a busy pastor. They were intended for the people of his own charge, with no thought of their ever being under the eye of the general public. No efforts at scholarship were made, and now they are given to the publishers as written for his Wednesday evening lectures; amid the press of duties, time fails to make many improvements that could be desired.Every work upon Ephesians within the author's reach has been laid under tribute, and the results of the work are given without its processes.

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