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The Story of a Century

A Brief Historical Sketch and Exposition of the Religious Movement Inaugurated by Thomas and Alexander Campbell, 1809-1909
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J. H. Garrison
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This is not a history, properly speaking, of the people best known throughout the world as Disci ples of Christ, nor of the current Reformation which they advocate. Others have written such histories, and still other historians of the future will write more fully of that movement whose beginning is one of the most notable events of the past century. The pres ent effort is far less ambitious than that. It is an attempt to draw a sketch in boldest outline — a sort of bird's-eye view — oi the religious movement whose Centennial we are to celebrate next autumn. The intention is to present just enough of the chief facts, persons, and principles of the movement, to furnish an outline study for those who have not hitherto acquainted themselves with its character and purpose. The details may be filled in later by those who wish to make a more thorough study of the subject. It often helps readers to get a clearer mental grasp of the great outstanding facts of history and the prin ciples which underlie them, not to obscure these im portant matters by too many unimportant details. These may be acquired when the leading facts and guiding principles are mastered.

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