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Hand Book of Practice in the Probate Courts of the State of Maine

Containing Notes on the Execution and Probate of Wills, Duties of Executors, Administrators, Guardians and Trustees; Also Full Forms of Petitions, Orders and Decrees, With References to the Revised Statutes and Amendments Thereof; And Decisions of Our Cou
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Enos T. Luce
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The following work has been prepared, at the solicitation of many judges and registers of probate, and members of the bar for the purpose of aiding those officially connected with the pro bate courts of our state, and members of the legal profession and others having business therein, in the practical performance of their duties. It is not designed as a treatise on the principles of probate law, but as a hand-book of practice, which shall contain full forms and directions of procedure. The proceedings of the probate courts being regulated by municipal law, and not by the principles of the common law, the statutes must necessarily be the basis of the present work. The substance of so much thereof, together with such of the decisions of the courts of our state, as relate to the probate courts, will be embodied in the following pages, with marginal references to the same, divided into chapters, and arranged in the order in which the subjects treated of naturally arise in the settlement of es tates.

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