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Robert E. Lee, Soldier, Patriot, Educator

With Special Reference to His Life and Services at Washington and Lee University Lexington, Va
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Lee Memorial Fund
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Washington and Lee! At the boundary line of the great University of Washington and Lee, Lexington, Virginia, one approaches a shrine of sacred memories that has no counterpart in America. This placid scene, with colorful sunshine filtering through tall trees, penciling with light impress ive colonnades, softly revealing stately Colonial architecture, suggests thecalm, benevolent Washington, whose endowment of the original academy brought to it the name of Washington College; but the subtle in?uence that permeates this dignified landscape and kindles a thousand emotions is drawn from the constant recurrence of the fragrant memory of the knightly Lee, who cast about the institution and its environs the luster of his last years and maturest mentality, the honor of his name, and the continued evidence of his entire consecration to duty. Washington and Lee! Here is ever perceived the intangible form of General Lee's luminous character, towering above his fellows, and still being discovered reaching into greater and greater perspectives as passing time clarifies the vision and purifies the hearts of men. Here, also, is the most beautiful memorial that human hands have wrought from the chas tity of marble — the Chieftain asleep, his stainless sword beside him, stilled by his restraining hand. And beneath this shrine, Mecca to tens of thou sands, rests the dust of this man who commands universal homage more than half a century after a perfected life had been crowned with the most exalted example of self-abnegation and entire consecration to the loftiest ideals.

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