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Stories of Strange Women

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J. Y. F. Cooke
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Stories of Strange Women is a compilation of entertaining and thought-provoking short stories written by J. Y. F. Cooke who is also well-known as the author of two famous books: "A Spray of Lilac" and "A Happy Little Adventure." This book provides an interesting look at female characters in literature both through a societal lens and a literary scope. Cooke's presentation of women is at times comical, other times dramatic, and even occasionally stereotypical. This book is amusing for anyone intrigued by short stories, women in literature, and the presentation of women who challenge typical social conventions. The eight pieces presented in this book include: The Garments of a Girl, His Mistress and Her Maid, When the "Vestilinden" was Lost, Leave It Alone, A Light Woman's Reason, For Valour, Out of the Mire, and Joy Cometh In the Morning. Each story begins with several quotes that set the tone and mood of the story and pertain directly to the story's content; the quotes come from a range of sources and are shared in English and other varied languages. Societal expectations of women are presented through the plight of these characters and offer some situations which are meant to inform readers of the historic struggles of women. Stories of Strange Women is a select collection of short stories crafted by J. Y. F. Cooke for the enjoyment of educated audiences. Cooke presents a range of female characters for the reader to analyze, understand, question, and sympathize with. For those interested in literature and the historic struggles of women, this is an entertaining book and a must read.

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