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Autor: Joseph Benson
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Sermons on Various Occasions

And Most of Them on the Principal Subjects of Genuine Christianity
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The following discourses, delivered on different occasions, and written after their delivery, with such alterations and'enlargements as were requisite, and published at the request of many who heard them,lhave all been for some years before the public. Some of them, as those on the Second Coming of Christ and the Future Misery of the Wicked, and on Sanctification, have gone through sundry editions, and many thousands of them have been circulated in ditferent parts of this kingdom, especially among the members of the Methodist societies and congregations. And if I may give credit to the information I have received, the divine blessing has attended the reading of them to many individuals, and most of those into whose hands they have fallen, have signified their approbation of them. They are therefore here collected into one volume, at the request of our last Conference, with a View to their preservation when their author is no more. Thus, not only my friends, and those that have been profited by my ministry, may have a menace rial of me when I am removed out of their sight; but, what may be of much more moment, when dead I may thus speak to those of them that shall survive me; and perhaps also to many others that never knew my face in the ?esh, but into whose hands this book may fall.

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Autor: Joseph Benson
ISBN-13 :: 9780243715916
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Sprache: Englisch
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