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Autor: Frederick Denison Maurice
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The Doctrine of Sacrifice

Deduced From Scriptures; A Series of Sermons
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I believe that it will be the fairest and best course, not to go through Dr. Candlish's lecture (for how could I hope to do justice to so elaborate a discourse in a short preface but to select some one passage of it, in which he has condensed his complaints against me, — and which, at the same time, touches upon topics of so general a character, that I may make the vindication of myself entirely subordinate to the purpose which I have in view — that of explaining to you the principles, which in other books, and especially in this book, I have been endeavouring to assert. I take the following, because it contains some most true assertions respecting me because it is evidently intended to wound my vanity more severely than any other In the lecture; and be cause it sums up the imputations to which I have already referred, those imputations which, if they are well founded, ought to exclude me from my function as a Clergyman — from the Church of Christ — from the society of all honest men.

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Autor: Frederick Denison Maurice
ISBN-13 :: 9780243715824
ISBN: 024371582X
Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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