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Elements of Ecclesiastical Law

Compiled With Reference to the Syllabus, the Reference to the of Pope, Pius the Council of the Vatican and the Latest Decisions of the Roman Congregations; Adapted Especially to the Discipline of the Church in the United States
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WE now venture to publish, though not without great diffidence, our Elements Of Ecclesiastical Law. These pages have been written especially with reference to the discipline of the Church in this country. Hence, through Out the work, the particular laws, customs, and practices Of the United States, and of countries similarly circumstanced -as Ireland, England, and Canada — are explained along with the general or common law Of the Church. This we have done in order to enable the reader to compare our special discipline with that of the universal Church, and to understand the one better by comparison with the other. A Slight perusal Of the decrees of the Second Plenary Coun Oil of Baltimore will demonstrate that they are based on, and, as far as the condition of this country would permit, modelled after, the common law, especially as set forth by the. Council of Trent.

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Autor: S. B. Smith
ISBN-13 :: 9780243714452
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