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Autor: Valentine G. Hall
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Lawn Tennis in America

Biographical Sketches
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From boyhood — not so very many years ago — I have taken great delight in the game Of lawn tennis. I have Observed with great interest the rapid progress which the game has made in popular favor. It has been my pleasure to attend many Of the tournaments referred to in the following pages, and to meet the leading players who are described therein. My notes have gradually accumulated, and have given me some busy, pleasant hours. It has occurred to me that many Of the large and growing numbers Of both sexes with Whom tennis is popular might find these pages Of some interest, and not without value. It has not been my purpose to write a history Of tennis, or to attempt to instruct play ers — my knowledge is not sufficient for such things. If lovers Of tennis find my pages Of interest for pleasant reminiscence, or for reference, or for comparison with the work at the net, I shall be satisfied. I have de voted the first part of the book to biographical sketches of six of the most prominent players in America, to gether with accounts Of all the important tournaments in this country held during 1885 to 1887, inclusive. Following this is an account Of the Renshaw broth ers, together with a description Of the championship matches and principal tournaments Of Europe.

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Autor: Valentine G. Hall
ISBN-13 :: 9780243710447
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Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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