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History of the Waldenses

History of the Waldenses
With an Introductory Sketch of the History of the Christian Churches in the South of France and North of Italy, Till These Churches Submitted to the Pope, When the Waldenses Continued as Formerly Independent of the Papal See
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NO person can be more convinced than myself, that in the translations I have given of Confessions of Faith, and other authorities, a stiffness of phraseology appears. This has arisen from an anticipation that readers holding sentiments very Opposite to one ano ther, may be disposed to scrutinize my statements. Had I made the versions more free, the expressions might have been considerably improved in regard to elegance, but I wished to give the exact words, provided the translation be correct. The reader who has been accustomed to peruse the barbarous Latin and old French, written by authors having frequently little taste, during the periods which the present Work embraces, knows the difficulty of transferring such writings into tolerable English. I trust, how ever, that the reader will be able to perceive the meaning.

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