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Oxford Lectures on Poetry

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The words Poetry for poetry's sake' recall the famous phrase 'art for Art.' It is far from my purpose to examine the possible meanings of that phrase, or all the questions it involves. I propose to state brie?y what I understand by Poetry for poetry's sake,' and then, after guarding against one or two misapprehensions of the formula, to consider more fully a single problem connected with it. And I must premise, without attempting to justify them, certain explanations. We are to consider poetry in its essence, and apart from the ?aws which in most poems accompany their poetry. We are to include in the_idea of poetry the metrical form, and not to regard this as a mere accident or a mere vehicle. And, finally, poetry being poems, we are to think of a poem as it actually exists; and, without aiming here at accuracy, we may say that an actual poem is the succession of experiences — sounds, images, thoughts, emotions — through which we pass when we are reading as poetically as we can.1 Of course this imaginative experience — if I may use the phrase for brevity — differs with every reader and every time of reading: a poem exists in innumerable degrees. But that insurmountable fact lies in the nature of things and does not concern us now.

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Autor: A. C. Bradley
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