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Autor: John Wallace Hutchinson
ISBN-13: 9780243699469
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Story of the Hutchinsons

Tribe of Jesse
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Chapter I. — crusading for temperance, 1870 — 1876 Cooper Institute meetings Horace Greeley speaks — vvm. H. Burleigh Stephen merritt-matthew Hale Smith Abby goes to Florida — Dining with General Howard — A trip South Don't Stay Away An unreconstructed planter Experience with General Lee — Southern cities do not take kindly to the Hutchinsons John Brown's Body C. F. P. Bancroft — Henry's peculiar photograph — The Fisk Univer sity singers — John suggests that they take the road — Rev. E. H. Pratt — Rev. Thomas K. Beecher and his cider — Chap lain Yard again — The unique Talmage — Concert advertised at a funeral — Viola sings Your Mission — Antoinette Ster ling Henry Ward Beecher and Nast — Carpenter's great painting Give us (hic) suthin lively -daisy Cottage going up Rev. J. Hyatt Smith — Two concerts in legislative chambers Kate Hutchinson — Rev. Wm. Morely Punshon General Butler talking for temperance — Zerah C. W'hipple Charles W. Sohier — Susan B. Anthony eulogizes the Hutchin sons — Henry Wilson and woman suffrage — A talk with President Grant — Chase's prophecy — At Barbara Fretchie's home Singing the star-spangled Banner over Francis Scott Key's grave — An evening with' General Sherman Washington's temperance crusade — Entertained by Grace Greenwood — Visiting Vinnie Ream The Blue and the Gray Singing the song to Alexander H. Stephens — Dr. Mary Walker — Concerts at Richmond — Abby in Europe Gough raising chickens — At John P. Hale's home — Life in New York vhere is Heaven? — Two temperance soci eties formed — A great anti-slavery anniversary at Philadel phia — vice-president Wilson and reconstruction — Judge Jonas Hutchinson — Henry with the Camilla Urso troupe At the Centennial — All the family Sing — John Wanamaker Singing for Bishop Newman — The Hayes election — John's proposition for settlement — At the White House.

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Autor: John Wallace Hutchinson
ISBN-13 :: 9780243699469
ISBN: 0243699468
Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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