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The History of the Life and Death of Jesus Christ

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A. Now the first appetite man had in order to his great end was, to be as perfectas he could, that is, to be as like the best thing 'he knew as his nature and condition would permitd. And although by Adam's fancy and affection to his wife, and by God's appointing fmit for him, we see the lower appetites were first provided for; yet the first appetite which man had, as he distinguishes from lower creatures, was to be like God, (for by that the devil tempted him,) and in order to that he had naturally sufficient instruments and abilities. For although by being abused with the devil's sophistry he chose an incompetent instrument, yet because it is naturally certain that love is the greatest assimilation of the object and the faculty, Adam by loving God might very well approach nearer Him according as he could. And it was natural to Adam to love God, who was his father, his creator, the fountain of all good to him, and of excellency in Himself; and whatsoever is understood to be such, it is as natural for us to love, and we do it for the same reasons, for which we love any thing else; and we cannot love for any other reason but for ione or both these in their proportion apprehended.

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Autor: Jeremy Taylor
ISBN-13 :: 9780243681808
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Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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