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Autor: James Macfarlane
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History of Clan Macfarlane

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History of Clan MacFarlane provides a complex and thorough look at MacFarlane clan history from inception to modern times. Written by James MacFarlane and published by the Clan MacFarlane Society, this text explores both the ancestry of one specific clan and addresses a broader understanding of the clan system as a whole. Scottish clans are a social group dependent upon lineage and political alliances. Surprisingly, not every MacFarlane is born into the clan, instead, throughout history groups swearing allegiance to the clan were allowed to petition for entrance into the clan and were they accepted, their children automatically became part of the clan as well. While this information may seem irrelevant to some, knowledge of one's clan can give individuals a better sense of who they are and where they come from along with a feeling of shared identity.This publication contends that it is the largest and most comprehensive (although not complete) history of the MacFarlane clan for the purpose of historic and genealogical research. Beginning with a list of the chiefs of the MacFarlane Clan from 1225 through 1866; the book indicates that all leaders of the clan are chosen by birthright and via political machinations. The text then explores, at length, the exciting history of these chiefs including entertaining stories and detailed exploits. In an effort to bring the text to life, the book includes many illustrations of clan tartans, crests, castles, and important places and people; all information pertinent to the MacFarlane clan.History of Clan MacFarlane is a wonderful resource for readers interested in Scottish genealogy and history; especially those with family history linked to the clan. This book is an interesting read for anyone interested in history, Scotland, clanship, and genealogical research; and while it contains a considerable amount of information, it is easily digestible by readers with any level of understanding in family history. Truly a stellar addition to any budding genealogist's collection.

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Autor: James Macfarlane
ISBN-13 :: 9780243678150
ISBN: 0243678150
Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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