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Suez Canal Channel Tunnel

Peace or War With France?; Speech of the Right Honorable John Bright, M. P., June 15th, 1883
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Tunnel would be received with the very greatest respect. Everything in Dr. Arnold's writings goes to show that he had the instincts not only of a statesman but also of a soldier. During the Crimean War, again, it was notorious that the letters addressed to the Times by A Hertfordshire Incumbent — the Rev. J. W. Blakesley — were of the greatest military value. Here, then, we have two clergymen, who never heard a bullet whistle in anger, and yet were endow ed with a peculiar insight into everything bearing upon war. One other instance may be quoted, to show that unmilitary men are sometimes of immense use in their suggestions to soldiers. No man ever enjoyed a greater and more deserved reputation as a military engineer than Sebastian de Vauban, who fortified 300 ancient citadels, erected 33 new ones, had the principal management and direction Of 53 sieges, and was present at 140 general engage ments. Yet he has left it on record that he learnt more about the art of fortification from one Ita ian civilian, who, although a cripple, helped him to take Luxemburg, than from all the soldiers he had ever associated with or Opposed. The phrase most fre quently on his lips was, There is no such engineer as common sense.

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Autor: John Bright
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