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Autor: Fenwicke L. Holmes
ISBN-13: 9780243664139
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The Law of Mind in Action

Daily Lessons and Treatments in Mental and Spiritual Science
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Understand the hidden and untapped power of the mind as you learn to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness in The Law of Mind in Action: Daily Lessons and Treatments in Mental and Spiritual Science by Fenwicke Holmes. In the late 19th Century and early 20th Century, a new movement gained popularity around the world. The movement was called New Thought, and it promoted the idea that all people were spiritual beings with the power to cure disease, ward off sickness and bring positive energy into their lives. These ideas have once again exploded in popularity through books like The Secret, which became a bestseller after appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show. The ideas promoted by The Secret and similar books are directly taken from Religious Science, a philosophy started by the Holmes brothers, Earnest and Fenwicke, among others. In The Law of Mind in Action: Daily Lessons and Treatments in Mental and Spiritual Science Fenwicke Holmes explains the essential teachings of Religious Science. Readers will note that many self-help books actually borrow Holmes' teachings. For example, Holmes declares that there is one universal law: the law of cause and effect. According to this law, a person can unlock intelligence and spiritual awareness by understanding that positive thoughts create positive outcomes, while negative thoughts create negative outcomes. This is the same teaching espoused by many New Age books. Holmes explains that negative thoughts create an atmosphere where negativity will flourish, and the cure for this "mind disease" is to focus your thoughts to a positive purpose. This is known as the Law of Attraction, i.e. a person thinking negatively will find themselves attracting further negativity. Holmes uses the example of Jesus creating an abundance of fish and bread simply by asking for them to illustrate how the Law of Attraction works.The Law of Mind in Action: Daily Lessons and Treatments in Mental and Spiritual Science gives practical tips on things like overcoming fear. The text weaves in references to the Bible with New Age ideas and the tips, tone and ideas presented make the book an early self-help book. Readers who are interested in the New Thought movement, Science of Mind or self-help will be fascinated by reading about the origins of these concepts.

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Autor: Fenwicke L. Holmes
ISBN-13 :: 9780243664139
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Sprache: Englisch
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