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The Twenty-One Demands

Japan Versus China
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Japan wished, however, to play bigger stakes. Sofib on August 15, 1914, Japan sent the ultimatum to Germany, calling on the latter to deliver on a date not later than September 15 to the Imperial Japanese authorities, without condition or compen sation, the entire leased territory of Kiao-chow, with a View to the eventual restoration of the same to China. The ultimatum was ignored by Germany, and war was declared by Japan on August 24. The Chinese Government, realising that a major portion of the military operations against the German leased territory would be carried on in the Shantung prov ince, and being anxious to limit these operations to the smallest area commensurate with the military necessity so that her people would be subjected to as little miseries and devastations of the armed con ?ict as possible, established a special war zone in which the belligerents could carry on their hostile operations against each other. The establishment of this special military area in Shantung was noti fied to Japan, Germany, and the allied Powers, in a circular note under the date of September 3, 1914. It is very important to remember the creation of this special military area, for its abolition later was seized upon as an excuse justifying the presentation of the Twenty-one Demands. It is also important to add that to this war zone Japan vigorously objected, for She thought that it would tend to hamper and to limit her military Operations.

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Autor: G. Zay Wood
ISBN-13 :: 9780243646494
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