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Principles of Geometry

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It will be seen that the volume deals with a wide range of theory; in other conditions than the present, a less condensed treatment might have been desirable. The order in which the ideas are taken has been chosen largely in view of the second aim of the volume; it will not be difficult, with the help of the Table of Contents, for the reader to modify this order. It is believed, however, that a large amount of the time usually spent, at present, in learning geometry, could be saved by following, from the beginning, after an extensive study of diagrams and models, the order of develop ment here adopted; and such a plan would make much less demand upon the memory. But the second aim of the volume may, I hope, appeal to attentive readers. It is an attempt, tempered indeed by practical consid tions, to test the application in detail of the logical principles ex plained in Volume I. It seeks to bring to light the assumptions which underlie an extensive literature in which coordinates are freely used without attempt at justification. It suggests the question whether, in the case of distance, as in many other cases, we may not have derived from familiarity with physical experiences, a confidence which a more careful scrutiny can only regard as an illusion. When this View, which seems sure, shall win acceptance, the change in scientific thought will be rapid and momentous. As the first step in this sense was made in the development of the theory of our geo metrical conceptions, it is proper that the matter should be dealt with here. It will be of importance if the reader come to see how deep lying are the questions involved in the use of coordinates, and the assumption of distance as a fundamental idea.

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