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History of the Indians of North and South America

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No accurate account can be given of their numbers. Some have estimated the whole amount in North and South America, at the time of the discovery Of the continent, even as high as one hundred or one hun dred and fifty millions. This estimate is unquestionably much too large. A more probable one would be from fifteen or twenty to twenty-five millions. But they have greatly diminished, and of all the ancient race not more than four or five millions, if so many, now remain. Pestilence, wars, hardships, and sufferings of various kinds have been their lot for nearly four hundred years; and they have melted away at the approach Of the white man; so that even a lone In dian is now scarcely found beside the grave of his fathers, where once the war-whoop might have called a thousand or more valiant men to go forth to engage in the deadly fray. With them have perished, in many instances, their ancient traditions; and as they had no other means of handing down the records of their deeds, their history is lost, except here and there a fragment, which has been treasured up by some white man more curious than his fellows, in studying their present or former fates. Monuments, indeed.

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Autor: Samuel G. Goodrich
ISBN-13 :: 9780243644957
ISBN: 0243644957
Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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