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Autor: César Mattei
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Electro-Homœopathic Medicine

A New Medical System Being a Popular and Domestic Guide Founded on Experience
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My first experiment with Count Mattei's reme dies was many years ago, in the case of a young lady, reduced to the last extremity of exhaustion and emac1ation by marasmus or wasting disease of the intestines. Ordinary homoeopathic treatment by myself and those who studied the case in con sultation with 'me produced only unimportant mitigation of symptoms; and in sheer despair I fell back upon electro-homoeopathy. Under the use of Scrofoloso and other remedies she rapidly recovered; she regained her lost plumpness; she is now married, and the healthy, happy mother of a family. Other cases, not less striking, have repeatedly occurred. The magical and marvellous operation of these remedies is a perpetual surprise even to those who have long used them. And the simplicity of their administration brings the healing art within reach of all who care to devote to it a moderate amount of thought, study, and observa tion.

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Autor: César Mattei
ISBN-13 :: 9780243644377
ISBN: 024364437X
Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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