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The Rise and Growth of Vedic Literature

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For the due performance of his functions each of the three first-named priests requires a Samhita (collection), which supplies him with the necessary material of hymns and maxims; a Brahmanam (theological exegesis), which indicates the right use of this material at the time of. Sacrifice, and the varied contents of which it consists may be brought under three rubrics, namely, Vid'i or prescription, Art'avada or commentary, and Vedanta or Upanis'ad, theological and philosophical considerations on the nature of things. The last-named sections are called Véddnta, or end of the supreme Wisdom, because, as a rule, they stand at the end of the Brahmanas, and Upcmis'ad confidential sitting, because they were imparted to the students singly at the close of their tuition. To every Véda there also belongs a Sfitmm or guiding thread, which reproduces the contents of the Brahmanas in terse and synoptical form, and presents the whole subject systematically.

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Autor: Herbert Baynes
ISBN-13 :: 9780243644346
ISBN: 0243644345
Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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