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Autor: Thomas R. Ashenhurst
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Design in Textile Fabrics

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The rapid disappearance of the old apprentice system, the growth of large establishments, and the consequent subdivision of labour, accompanied by the ever-increasing demand for fabrics of a more artistic character to be applied to useful purposes, make it imperative upon the would-be designer or manufacturer to understand more fully than he has done in the_ past the principles upon which fabrics should be constructed, so as to fulfil all the necessary conditions. He must work on sound principles and leave nothing to chance. The reader must not expect to go through this work in a hurried manner, or to thoroughly grasp all the details of the subject without further effort. Within the compass of this volume it is, of course, impossible to enter into all the particulars which would make the student at once perfectly conversant with the whole; but an effort has been made to-lay down the leading principles clearly and completely, and to guide the student generally, rather than to enter too closely into minor details, which can onlv be sufficiently mastered by actual practice in the mill or workshop.

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Autor: Thomas R. Ashenhurst
ISBN-13 :: 9780243644285
ISBN: 0243644280
Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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