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Autor: M. Maclevy
ISBN-13: 9780243633760
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Tobacco Habit Easily Conquered

How to Do It Agreeably and Without Drugs; With Appendix: "Tobacco, the Destroyer"
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There are twenty Dictums. All can be easily understood and followed. To the person who is in earnest this book should prove worth its weight in gold very many times. For it means higher vigor,greater efficiency, keener satisfaction and longer life. More than that, it will broaden human interest and develop character; it will place that priceless treasure health on a rock-ribbed foundation and keep it there so long as the reader minds his p's and q's, and heeds the Dictums, here laid down, with intelligent interest. The author's thanks have already been tendered to the prominent medical men, sociologists and others who have aided him in perfecting what is here offered for the first time, inside or outside the realm of therapeutic literature — a practical, efficacious method for conquering the tobacco habit by natural means.

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Autor: M. Maclevy
ISBN-13 :: 9780243633760
ISBN: 0243633769
Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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